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CCCC v. Town of Farmersville (Cattaraugus Co. unpub. 1994), aff'd 221 A.D.2d 1010 (4th Dept. 1995). (1,218K)

Maurice Hinchey's 1992 letter (228K) to DEC Commissioner Thomas Jorling detailed criminal indictments, violations of environmental permits and regulations, and allegations of fraud and racketeering against IWS upper management.

Public comments on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's West Valley Decommissioning Policy, submitted by:

EPA Region 2 (306K) --EPA Health Physicist Jeanette Eng explains why exposure standards should be set for the West Valley site as a whole. (for an alternative html version, click here)

The Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Waste (html)

CCCC (html)

CCCC (581K pdf)

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (219K)  NYSERDA agrees with this important point, made by EPA, the Coalition on West Valley, and CCCC: exposure or decontamination standards prescribed by NRC should apply to the entire West Valley site after closure, not just the DOE's Demonstration Project portion.

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE): cover letter (325K)  --DOE wants NRC to wait until DOE's Preferred Alternative (PA) for closure is finalized, and resists the NRC's License Termination Rule as a prior condition the PA must meet.

DOE Comments (1,911K)

West Valley Citizens Task Force (360K) --CTF believes the exposure standard should be determined by "as low as reasonably achievable" (ALARA) principles, not the the LTR's 25/100/500 mrem standard.

League of Women Voters of the Greater Buffalo Area (550K) --LWV joins CTF, the Seneca Nation, the West Valley Coalition and CCCC's "concern that the cleanup be as complete as possible" and finds NRC's discussion of costs "ambiguous."

Attachments to LWV comments (370K)

For background on the decommissioning of the West Valley nuclear waste site, click here.

Other grassroots citizens organizations focusing on solid waste:

Finger Lakes Citizens for the Environment (April, 2000) (html)

The Coalition Crier (May, 2000) (494K)

The Canal Courier (June, 2000) (312K)

Local laws regulating solid waste facilities more stringently than New York law and regulations, or prohibiting such facilities altogether:

Cattaraugus County Local Law No. 3-2000 (March 22, 2000) (580K).

Town of Murray Local Law #3 of 1993 (prohibition) (587K).

Waste Management Facilities Law of the Town of Root (1997) (prohibition) (544K). This law was litigated to trial and upheld in its entirety in: Mohawk Environmental Services, Inc. v. Town of Root, No 97-1113 (Schenectady Co. October 16, 1997) (Caruso, J.).

NYSDEC Division of Solid & Hazardous Materials, "Capacity Data for Landfills and Waste to Energy Facilities":

1998 Capacity Data (rev. October 19, 1999) (49K html) -- (23K MS Excel)

1999 Capacity Data (rev. June, 2000) (50K html) -- (24K MS Excel)

2000 Capacity Data (rev. June, 2000) (50K html) -- (24K MS Excel)

2001 Capacity Data (rev. April, 2002) (50K html) --  (24K MS Excel)

2002 Capacity Data (draft April, 2003) (24K MS Excel)

--for Excel versions, right-click and save to disk

Other documents

"Flow Control" Revisited: The Local Government Can Control Its Citizens' Trash (2002), by Michael D. Diederich, Jr., winning attorney for Oneida and Herkimer counties in United Haulers Ass'n. v. Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Management Authority, 261 F.3d 245 (2d Cir. 2001), cert denied, 534 U.S. 1082 (2002).

"Constitutional Provisions Related to State Regulation of Interstate Movement of Solid Waste," State of Maine Planning Office, Solid Waste Management Policy Review Task Force (Sept. 22, 1999)

"Comments on the Draft Scoping Document for the New York City Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan," CCCC (April 23, 1999)
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